Note to self

One can not have a daily blog, if one doesn’t blog daily.

Guess who doesn’t have any stickers on her chart in the WRITE row since Monday? On the other hand, who has 4 stars this week for NO YELLING?!? That’s right: the cool, calm, and collected woman desperately trying to write enough on this blog during her lunch hour to garner a sticker for herself on the chart for the WRITE row. Really? Is this what it has come down to? I’m going to have to buy myself some cool-ass stickers if I am expecting this to actually motivate me in some way. I wonder if they still sell those puffy stickers that had the cool iridescent liquid stuff in them that I would get at the roller-skating rink. That might help. Seems that the whole “public accountability” factor with a blog only works if people actually read it. Someday 🙂


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