Baby Steps

After another fever spike of 103.2 last night that sent me into freak-out, I’m-the-worst-mommy-ever mode because I had let him sort of carry on a normal day yesterday and then lo and behold he hit the skids, C woke up this morning feeling “ok” and fever free. So after the long ten days we had: off to school he went. And off to work I went. He did great. I watched my cell phone to see if the nurse was going to call me at any minute. But she didn’t and apparently he did fine. I am hoping this means we are out of the woods and he will start seeing all the benefits we had the surgery for in the first place.

One of the things I find most challenging in the whole single working mom world is knowing when it is ok to send them off to school with a cold and when that’s a no-no. Obviously if the kid is burning up with fever or puking his guts out, it’s a no-brainer. But what about that yucky cough? Or worse a yucky cough or a runny nose with a slight fever that hardly isn’t a fever at all. Can’t they go to school loaded up with Motrin and strict instructions to keep washing their hands and not to sneeze on any of their friends?

I tried that with G the week before C’s surgery knowing that I would be already missing work the following week. It backfired and he ended up being out possibly more days than he would have if I had just kept him home to rest and recover. But what is a woman with no sick/personal days left and it is only freaking OCTOBER supposed to do in a situation like that? Kids are going to get colds! We can’t keep them out of school every time their noses start to run. And anything lower than 100.4 is barely a fever in my (and my pediatrician’s) book. But it is a very fine line to walk. I feel guilty every time I have to make that choice. And I know working moms everywhere feel that same pang, single or not. It’s that risk of sending them off with a “You’ll be fine!” and then being faced with picking up a poor sick pookie from school because they couldn’t last the day.

Today’s risk paid off. And I pray that the surgery risk paid off too and it will mean better sleep and a happier, healthier child. Which as we all know equals a healthier and happier mommy too.

Here’s to a HEALTHY winter for all!


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