a mother’s nightmare

During the spring and summer, I was somewhat obsessed with the Casey Anthony trial. It was something I hadn’t followed up until then, maybe only reading bits and pieces over the years the case took place. I do remember when Caylee went missing because I remember thinking that she was about the same age as my boys and thinking what an awful tragedy it was and feeling so sorry for Casey Anthony. I remember seeing pictures in the National Enquirer and without reading the actual story and just seeing headlines I can recall thinking, that poor girl (Casey)…there they go, blaming the mother…probably because she is single and pretty and the media is sensationalizing the story and she is grieving the loss of her daughter. Then there was a story that made me stop and think, oh wait, maybe she really was involved. And that was an even more awful thought.

so when the trial began and I started reading news stories and then found myself going back and back and back to read articles following the case I grew more and more upset and more and more obsessed. I started listening to the trial online while I was working, occasionally stealing glances at the proceedings to get a look at this woman I became convinced had done something horrific to her little girl. Somewhere toward the end of the trial my heart sank even further when it seemed to me that she was going to go free. I’m glad I wasn’t on the jury because in my head I feel like there was too much doubt. There were too many questions left unanswered. And I’m not sure how I would have been able to hand down a judgement that was based mostly from a gut feeling that Casey was guilty.

Now another little girl has gone missing. A baby. And if people weren’t already scrutinizing the mother and father and their strange story of her being taken away in the night on the very first evening the dad worked the nightshift, they are certainly doing it now that the mother admits she was drunk and passed out and had no recollection of much from that night. People are condemning her in the media already and it is hard not to do so. She lied to the police. Not a good start. And she got drunk while her three young children were under her sole care. Not endearing to the public. But comparing her to Casey Anthony?? That is going over the line.

Casey Anthony lied and hid the fact that something had happened to her daughter for more than a month. She pretended everything was A-OK. She wouldn’t have mentioned her daughter was even missing if not for the fact that her own mother essentially called the cops on her and forced her hand. Deborah Bradley and Jeremy Irwin reported the child missing immediately. Deborah was sleeping  (drunk, passed out, whatever) when her boyfriend came home from work that night…not digging a ditch in the backyard, not frantically doing laundry to cover anything up, the other children were sound asleep as well…when would she have had the time and wherewithal to sober up and get rid of her baby and get back to sleep without a trace of disturbance, with TWO OTHER CHILDREN in tow…

It just doesn’t add up. As a mom with two young boys, if something as disturbing as say, a household accident, occurred and mother is freaking out and baby is hurt or no longer moving and mother in some crazy scheme throws y’all in the car and drives far enough away to not leave a trace and say parks on the side of a shady road and heads into the woods with a bag, or stops in an unfamiliar parking lot and pays a visit to the dumpster and then chats you up on the way home telling you everything is ok and if anyone asks what we were doing all night you just say sleeping…um, yeah, there is no way those kids just laid their little heads down and drifted quietly off to dreamland. And I highly doubt they would have gotten through even the most routine questions asked by the police without some “tell”. I just don’t buy it.

On the other hand, the whole story doesn’t add up. The thing about the missing cell phones seems like a bad cover up. But the fact that a young mother of 3 kids had some boxed wine and went to bed without locking the doors? Irresponsible, but not criminal. I just hope and pray that they find that sweet baby unharmed and the the two other young children in this case don’t have their lives completely torn apart. I hope that people will focus on looking for the baby…and not spend too much time focusing on Deborah’s bad judgment. I can only imagine what this mother must be going through losing her sweet baby girl and blaming herself for not being more alert and responsible and possibly preventing this awful tragedy.

God bless Lisa Irwin and all the other missing children out there. Keep them safe until they can return to their mother’s loving arms.


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