Priceless Tiger

I get all sorts of promotional emails for companies who I would never buy from because they aren’t my taste or because they are way out of my price range or because I am just not in the market for electronic gadgets but since I am in the Ecom/Digital Marketing business it is always good to watch what others are doing. That being said, I have often felt that I should unsubscribe to some of these lists because occasionally I will get caught up in an email moment or print catalog and think oooooh…look how perfect that dining set would be for my house and OH MY GOD IT IS $7000!

So, today it was no wonder that when my Restoration Hardware email showed up with the beautiful image from  its new catalog that features kids playing explorer in  a canvas teepee and one of them RIDING A LION, my heart skipped a beat.  Now my little ones have fantastic imaginations and don’t need a $230 recycled canvas play tent. However, anyone who knows us understands our deep and abiding love for animals and C’s deep and abiding obsession with stuffed animals. The kid can’t get enough. There is hardly room in his bed for him any more. Two Christmases ago I searched (seemingly) high and wide for a tiger and couldn’t find one. Then two days before Christmas staring at me somewhat disconcertingly was a rather realistic looking stuffed tiger in Walgreens. It was enormous and not particularly plush and cuddly, but I knew it was coming home with us. For less than 20 bucks.

Today’s encounter with a lion one could actually RIDE would definitely have a higher price tag. But I had to see. RH didn’t disappoint…the king of the beasts was a whopping $999. It is times like these when i sometimes wish that I had so much money that I wouldn’t even think twice about dropping a grand on a stuffed animal. I’m not a materialistic person but I do struggle with money and with my own personal desires for certain things and the thought that sometimes having a lot of money would just make things easier. But to be able to see my kid’s face when he walked out on Christmas morning to see a freakin’ lion standing in front of the tree would be priceless!! Unfortunately, that will never happen.

C’est la vie. I will be sure to give “Pumpkin” the discount tiger an extra hug tonight at bedtime and remember to look back at the pictures I took as C opened the bag that had her in there…that moment was priceless too. For both of us.



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