Change is good

Another new year has arrived. Dozens of new resolutions have been “made” (that is, swirled around in the chaos of my brain). I have been doing fairly well in keeping up with these “resolutions” in a general sense. I’ve been watching what I eat, getting back to the gym, getting up on time, keeping the house semi-tidy, not eating out as much, not spending money on non-necessities… I’d say the first ten days of the new year have been a success in those areas. But then I read some other people’s blogs and some things started to dawn on me. Yes, all these health and organization based resolutions are good ones, but what do I TRULY want out of this next year? To be in better health and save some money are definitely high on the list, but there are some other things I really want to figure out.

Like how to be a better mom? Oh yeah, I forgot about that one momentarily. To be a better friend? Crap, that was one too. To write? Well, of course. To be happy? Yes, but that’s a tall order.

So, as a point of reference, here are the things I want to do this year. I will look back in December and see how close I’ve come.

1. Improve my health (and the boys’ health, too!)

  • some form of exercise daily, even if it is just a walk
  • learn more about nutrition
  • train for and participate in the jersey girl triathlon
  • eating out/taking out less than once a week
  • go to the dentist–all of us!
  • go to the doctor for necessary checkup/physical/tests for someone of my age 🙂
  • finally quit smoking. for real. not even “every once and a while”

2. Save Money

  • attempt to put enough money away out of my paycheck to fund “Operation Disney Christmas” (to be discussed in a later post)
  • additionally save some money for an emergency.

3. Be a Better Mom

  • cut out the yelling
  • let go of all the stuff i feel has to “get done” and spend more time just hanging out with the boys
  • write down all important dates, invitations, times, events, etc. so that I don’t MISS anything like I did last year
  • refuse to argue with 6-year-olds even if my decision/statement/action is unpopular
  • never skip bedtime reading because i’m too tired or they’re too naughty
  • put the “martyr” to rest
  • go after the child support that they deserve

4. Write. A little every day. Even if it is just in a journal. And dedicate finishing NaNoWriMo to my dear angel friend Joel. (RIP)

5. Be a better friend

  • make more phone calls to long distance friends
  • send more cards/letters/emails to keep in touch
  • make time for coffee, lunch, dinner, wine, movies, whatever…a couple of hours, every couple of weeks to keep friendships alive

6. Be happy

  • avoid referring to the above list for the whole year and judging my progress
  • make mistakes and move on
  • laugh more
  • say “oh well!” and “who cares?!”  more
  • go to church
  • read the Desiderata & the prayer of St. Francis regularly

It seems like a long list, but I think overall it is a good one. I am ready to make 2012 one of the happiest years yet. Oh, and here are some “bonus” things I would like to do this year:

Put all of the boys’ baby photos in physical albums and scrapbooks

Buy a dishwasher, microwave, computer, bookcase, chair or sofa for the living room, drapes

Finish painting kitchen and “other” room (and maybe decide on a name for the “other” room)

Do something about the bathroom

These are truly bonuses and mostly revolve around the house. I will not let myself get wrapped up in these items and let them effect my truly resolution of “being happy”. After all, it is just stuff and half-painted rooms…

Who cares?!


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