Sucking wind

I’m struggling to get a NaBloPoMo post in today. I can’t lie. I can barely string two thoughts together at the end of this very long day after an extremely long and draining week of work and kids and life.

While I was sitting in horrendous traffic on the way home from work this evening, I tried to decide what to write about tonight. The usual topics that occur to me on my commute popped into my brain:

  • Being a working parent really sucks. I can write about the top 5 ways being a working parent sucks.
  • I wish that it was easier to find good, affordable child care. I can write about how hard it is to find child care and how much it sucks to leave your kid(s) behind when you have to work.
  • Being a single parent really sucks sometimes. Like now. I can write about all the ways it sucks.

I’ve always got a few ideas percolating in my brain, so it is usually a matter of what starts to come out of me most readily when I sit down to write. But on nights like tonight, the only thing that is running through my brain is: THIS SUCKS.

However, just like this writing challenge, the challenge of parenthood is every day. You can’t skip a day just because you are tired or cranky or feel like doing something else. No matter what is going on in your life, there are little people who are depending on you. That is the challenge that we accepted as parents. And sometimes, we have to suck it up. And it tastes a bit like this:


Luckily, the rest of the time is more like this:



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