Worse, but better

After yesterday’s post about things generally sucking all around, I was reminded that it can always get worse. My poor baby G, who is plagued with various health issues, got hit with a stomach virus. So the two of us got to spend the evening (and morning) running to the bathroom and one of us got the added bonus of cleaning various body fluids from the floors and clothes and rugs and disinfecting the bathroom in the middle of the night.


Yes, but the silver lining is this: a mom friend had offered to take the boys to a rocket-building clinic today that she was bringing her son to, so that they could make their rockets for the Cub Scout Rocket Derby.  When I told her that G was sick, she offered to pick up C early. And feed him lunch. And keep him busy while his brother and his mother recuperated. This. Is. Huge.

I decided that I will use my NaBloPoMo post time to jot down a quick list of things that I am grateful for and all the ways my life does not suck at all. I won’t add any explanatory copy, but use them as prompts for the next few days for full-blown posts.

  1. Mom friends who swoop in and rescue me
  2. I have the most awesome sister
  3. Cub Scouts
  4. Beautiful fall days
  5. Child support after 8 long, broke years
  6. Shop-Rite grocery delivery
  7. My parents are still alive and able to be a part of the boys’ lives
  8. Old friends
  9. I have enough

I will think of these things tonight instead of how tired I am, how I wish I could take my boy’s pain away,and how I wish we could catch a break. Because when it comes right down to it, I’m one lucky woman.



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