I have no gift to bring

Let’s all try to remember what is important and what God truly wants for us. Be kind. Open your hearts. Appreciate all your gifts.

This is a reblog from last year but it all still holds true. Especially since so many people are in pain this year.

Adventures in Single Mommyhood


It is so easy to get wrapped up (pun intended) in the gift-giving frenzy of Christmas. Every year I try to keep it simple and every year I stretch myself beyond the limits I should. I had to leave work early this week in order to get the giving tree gifts for church that I had committed to getting and since I left it until the last minute and got snowed in two of my important shopping days, I had no choice but to use my last half of a personal day to race to a store and pick up the gifts. “You over-extended yourself,” my co-worker pointed out. Yup. Guilty. A thousand times guilty.

Without getting into too much detail about the thin financial ice I am on, I had a moment of clarity today at work while I was passing out my meager baked goods as a…

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