Go ahead and get what you like

Sometimes I bite off more than I can chew. I usually am able to choke it all down, but it isn’t always pleasant. Today was election day and the schools had off and I am so very blessed that my employer will allow me to work from home in these situations. Of course, this means that the boys must basically amuse themselves and it means I just have to accept that they will be watching lots of TV and playing lots of video games and that it’s fine because I’m getting my work done and they aren’t in any danger. I was really looking forward to having “extra” time today to write both this blog post and some of the novel, figuring that without my commuting time I was gaining 2 hours or so. But somehow between going to vote and making dinner and inexplicably getting involved in re-organizing both of the boys’ dressers, time got away from me. So, while C was writing his homework assignment, I decided I would go back to some old emails and find a funny pre-blog baby story to tell along with some astounding insight I had into parenting. Yes, I was (am) going to phone it in a little.

Of course, this idea led to more than 45 minutes of reading through old emails with some very witty and perceptive people and remembering where I was in life at that time and the things that I was thinking and wishing for. Sadly, some of the lessons I was struggling to learn and make sense of then are still ones I find tricky. I had even made a comment a little more than 6 years ago about lost opportunities and how I sure don’t want to be staring down the barrel of 40 and thinking about how time has marched all over me and find I’ve missed golden opportunities because I had my head up my arse. And yet, here I am. Although, I will say in my defense that I have taken some huge risks and opened the door to many opportunities when they came a knockin’ which has led me to a pretty incredible place I probably couldn’t even have pictured in my mind’s eye 6 years ago. I’ve missed some, too; some which have come disguised as something else. I haven’t quite mastered that yet…seeing an opportunity is what I really want or need even though it doesn’t come in the form I am expecting.

So, yeah, I didn’t choose one of the funny kid stories or enlightening parenting moments. Instead I chose this little gem I wrote which was inspired by the Yahoo! subject selector. Now, I don’t know how many people know or knew or remember that this functionality ever existed because I stumbled upon it quite accidentally and Yahoo! has changed its format many times, but it used to be that if you went into the subject line of the email and clicked on the end of the input box, it would give you a random subject. It could be like “pigs wear boxers, but cows prefer briefs”. Some were funny, some were stupid, some were even thought provoking and my one friend and I would amuse ourselves to no end with them:

From: Me

Subject: It turns out Harold’s not a Jedi.

The problem with the yahoo subject selector is that you can’t “go back”. If you keep clicking to see what the next one is going to be, it might not be as good but you can’t return to what you had before. It is a kind of metaphor for life in a lot of ways. If you keep searching for something better than what you’ve got, you might end up with crap. Or you might find gold. I guess the idea is that when you are content with what you have, it is best not to look elsewhere for something even better…greed. On the other hand, if you settle for what you have, you deserve what you get. That’s why if you are NOT content, you shouldn’t settle for the shit sandwich you’re eating if your heart was set on pastrami.

Anyway, Harold isn’t a Jedi and I suspected as much all along.


True story…thank you yahoo subject selector and younger version of me. I’m off to make a pastrami on rye and for all the same reasons, I hope you went out to vote today so the sandwich you are eating tomorrow is just the way you like it.